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Student Clubs & Activities

A great way to get involved at St. Louis Park High School is by joining one of our many clubs!  If one does not exist that addresses your particular interests, please do not hesitate to start a new one! 

Want to start a new club?

Gather a group of friends to answer the following questions:

  1. How will your club be different from any of the existing clubs that we currently have at SLPHS?  Each of our clubs should serve a unique purpose.
  2. What is the goal of your proposed club?  Why should SLPHS support your club?
  3. Do you have a teacher who will act as a moderator?  All clubs at SLPHS require a teacher, counselor, or administrator who is willing to act as an advisor to your club.  They may or may not get paid to advise.
  4. How will this club support the mission and vision of the SLP school District SLP Strategic Plan?

All clubs are subject to approval by the SLP School Board and/or SLPHS Administrative Leadership team. To help ensure that your club meets the basic requirements, please read the following information and complete all appropriate forms.   

*Clubs will be considered extinct and deleted if there is no club activity for one (1) calendar year.  Clubs need to hold a minimum of three (3) meetings/events per semester to remain an active club.  If clubs are removed due to inactivity, they must resubmit an application and go through the approval process to be reinstated.  

New Proposed Club Application

All students participating in a club or activity at St. Louis Park High School need to register whether or not there is a participation fee. 

Clubs & Activities

Registration PAGE

Click on each individual club/activity to see faculty advisor(s), contact information and a brief description. Please note that additional clubs and activities may be added to the list of opportunities below once a club/activity is approved by High School staff and an advisor is established. contact Building Operations Supervisor Abby Schrader at for more information.