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Student Services

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Barb Nelson | 9th Grade Counselor | Class of 2027 | Phone: 952-928-­6131 | Email:

Kelsey Milne | 10th Grade Counselor | Class of 2026 | Phone: 952-928-­6128 | Email:

Heidi Cosgrove | 11th Grade Counselor | Class of 2025 | Phone: 952-928-­6132 | Email:

Sara Lindsay | 12th Grade Counselor | Class of 2024 | Phone: 952-928-6126| Email:

Teresa Petta |Testing Coordinator | Phone: 952-928-­6105| Email:

Kim Fisher | Administrative Assistant | Phone: 952-928-6123 | Email:

Kara Mueller | Career & College Coordinator | Phone: 952-928-6187 | Email:

Marlee Nirenstein | Social Worker | Phone: 952-928-6137 | Email:

Kjirsten Hanson | Social Worker | Phone: 952-928-6267 | Email:

Student Support Contacts By Grade


Appointments to see a counselor may be made before or after school, and/or during lunch. Students may also make appointments during the day provided they have a pass from their teacher. Students may not make an appointment during passing time because we do not want them to be late for class.

Homework Assignment Requests
Parents are highly encouraged to utilize the PowerSchool and Schoology parent portal and/or contact the teacher directly via phone or e-mail to receive homework assignments. Each teacher has a phone and computer in their classroom for correspondence with parents and students. To email a teacher, use

In case of a long-term illness (10 days or more) parents may request homework assignments through the Counseling Office. Please call or e-mail the Counseling Secretary and she will inform teachers to have homework available in the Counseling Office by 3 p.m. the following day for pick up. Please call (952) 928-6123 and/or e-mail to complete the request.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship resources can be found on the Career & College Readiness/College Resource page and Naviance Student. Students are also encouraged to use other search engines to locate scholarships such as, Raise, and the Naviance Scholarship search engine.

St. Louis Park Dollars for Scholars Scholarship for 12th grade will be available in mid February. 

College Representatives

Visit with College Reps from 1000's of college's on site and virtually.  Students interested in visiting with a college rep can find scheduled visits and sign up for the visit on the Career & College Readiness/College Reps page.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

If you do not have access to Powerschool, please call Abby Schrader at 952-928-6106.

Schoology Parent Portal

If you need access to Schoology, please call Abby Schrader at 952-928-6106

St. Louis Park HS 9th – 12th Grade Support Groups
St. Louis Park High School offers support groups on a regular basis. Groups are designed to provide students with an opportunity to speak with their peers and a mental health specialist about personal concerns in a structured, confidential and supportive atmosphere. These are not therapy groups, but a means for students to gain understanding and insight about their lives and concerns. A member of the social work or counseling staff and a professional from a community mental health agency usually lead each group. Groups meet for one class period per week on a rotating schedule.