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The Birdfeeder

 The Birdfeeder

The Birdfeeder is St. Louis Park High School’s food shelf that is operated by students, for students within the class, Business and Management Operations. In alliance with the district’s mission, this nonprofit business allows us to show our brilliance and empower us to run an organization that helps our immediate community and fellow students. The ultimate goal is to be able to provide well-rounded meals for students and families. The Bird Feeder services are completely confidential so students in need feel comfortable asking for these essentials.

THE birdfeeder

According to MN Report Card, 27% of our high school students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

-MN Report Card

That is nearly 1 out of 3 students. We strongly believe that no student or family should be forced to make the decision between food or other living essentials. By operating this non-profit organization in the High School, we can truly live the message,“I am because we are”.